Contributed by Mike Patrick

Why are there multiple DB2 adapters?

There are essentially three flavors of DB2:

Each flavor comes with its own peculiarities. There are driver differences:

And system differences:

Which DB2 adapter should I use?

Setup Script to run Acceptance Tests

Two of the functions required for the Acceptance Tests need their syntax modified for DB2. DB2 does not support AUTO_INCREMENT or CONCAT taking three arguments. They are:

                   USERNAME VARCHAR(50),
                   USERID INT NOT NULL
                              GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY
                              (START WITH 1, INCREMENT BY 1))


  (firststring varchar(100),
   secondstring varchar(100))
RETURNS varchar(200)
  RETURN CONCAT(firststring, concat(' ', secondstring))

DB2 for System i Considerations

Choosing a driver

Which JDBC driver should I use?

Using the default database

If the default database (often the tables of interest to our testing) must be journalled, acceptance tests with INSERT and UPDATE operations may fail with:

java.sql.SQLException: [SQL7008] TEST_DBFIT in TESTLIB not valid for operation. Cause . . . . . :   
The reason code is 3.  Reason codes are: 1 -- TEST_DBFIT has no members. 2 -- TEST_DBFIT has been saved with storage free. 3 -- TEST_DBFIT not journaled, no authority to the journal, or the journal state is *STANDBY.  
Files with an RI constraint action of CASCADE, SET NULL, or SET DEFAULT must be journaled to the same journal.

There are two ways around this:

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